Friday, April 27, 2012

Xiang shi

Okay -- so I was going to avoid Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids etc.  But when they creep into your life sometimes you just gotta go with it.

Xiang shi is a Chinese vampire.   According to Chinese folklore if you don't bury your dead right away they might become xiang shi.  So, if you find yourself facing a person with red glowing eyes, covered in green fuzz-like corpse mold, with long white hair, you’ve got yourself a xiang shi.

To defend against the xiang shi, try holding your breath. Other effective techniques include sticky rice (but not the regular kind) and chicken eggs (but not duck eggs). 


 "One moment Mr. Xiang shi I just need to step to the fridge for some.... damn it, DH ate all the sticky rice and chicken eggs!"  Holding my breath?  Perhaps-- if someone covered with corpse mold was in my house it might be an automatic response.  However, I'm going for the option not mentioned.  RUN!!!

I think it was a cat in another life.  Just say'n.


  1. If you try the holding your breath rememdy you might end up in the same miserable condition as your chinese vampire.

  2. I still remember that a writing friend wrote a short story about a demon mermaid...or was it a vampire mermaid? I can't remember, but either way it was cool :)

  3. No one suspects the mermaid. ;)

  4. From the other day, fingers crossed....

    and how interesting about that night fright. Mythology is SO fascinating, but just not very attractive.

    That damn chocolate picture you have up there is VERY good looking though.

    1. ahaaha The do look delicious. I found a picture of a woman in a bath tub full of chocolate...but it looked more like someone had baked the woman into a brownie.

  5. He really sounds more like a zombie than a vampire. And how nice that he's so easy to defeat!