Monday, April 23, 2012

Three for T Day

aka picture day.  Lots of pictures. 
These are supposed to be short so I won't go into great detail.


Nothing to do with my story, but they are up and begin with T. ;)
I planted them 100 years ago and didn't know you were supposed to dig up the bulbs -
but every year they come back, smaller and smaller and smaller.

The Antagonist in Whispers is the Tengu.  I needed a creature that could pass for human and the Higher Tengu seemed to fit the bill. 
As far as a real person goes.  I picked the dude from Ever After
What do ya think?  Eh? Eh?  Oh yeah - Nailed it!!

The Lower Tengu are more dog like in appearance and so I chose the lion dog to represent.
As far as a real dog goes I suspect the breed would look more like a French Bull Dog. 
The lower Tengu is not really evil, it is just misunderstood.  Honest.

Teylor is my main character.  Her mother was a sorceress and her father was an elf.

She's not had an easy life.  She's spent her childhood taking care of her crazy mother and trying to survive.  After her mother's death she finds herself compelled to find her grandmother.  She discovers that perhaps her mother wasn't so crazy after all. 
Magic is real.


  1. That's quite the cast of characters you've been herding through here.

  2. There are a lot. Some I will keep, some I will not. Some will only ever really be back story that I know exist in this world but don't really have a part except to inhabit it. It has been fun finding all these creatures.

  3. Love Taylor. She seems very real already.
    6 more days. What will you come up with next?

    1. I'd say you'll have to wait to find out -- but it is already up. ;)