Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jaren Longwell

Is he a Giant or a Mountain Troll?
Initially I intended him to be a giant... but in the discovery process what comes out?
He hates being called a giant.  He was mocked as a kid for being tall. His father believed ill of his mother when Jaren began to tower over all of the other village children.  Their village sided with the father and Jaren and his mother were cast out.

Wanna know a secret?  His father line had the blood of the Giant Mountain Trolls in him.  Stupid man kicked his wife and kid out for nothing.  Guess that makes Jaren of Giant Mountain Troll descent. (Once again my 'vision' of troll is not the typical--why do gnomes and trolls have to be ugly?  Just say'n.)

Left to their own devices Jaren did the best he could but eventually his mother dies.  There is nothing for him in Fairey and he crosses over to the mortal realm where he becomes Fanny's right hand man. 

He connects with Teylor and helps to guide her through the troubled waters that can be Fanny.


  1. I almost cried about the horrible father who listened to those ignorant villagers. I have NO patience with shit like that. Especially when the child in question looks like my own son! Not kidding, we noticed this years ago. It's odd.

    And I may have issues in this area.