Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Porri Sikkes Belpo

I liked Abby from NCIS as a fairy -- when I went looking for picutres of her I found that someone else was of the same mind set. ;)

Porri is a fairy. She is of a different tribe than Shaeli and Daxliegh.  Her people are called "The Watchers". They got this nick name during the Great Schism when they refused to be drawn into the war.  They tend to keep themselves apart from the political arena that is Fairy.  Their goal is to remain 'objective' in all things.  The fact that Porri came at Fanny's request is a source of contention with some of the other girls. 

Her element is air.  Her totem is the Raven.


  1. Love Abbi. She looks great as a fairy.
    So Porri is definitely a character in your book. Awesome.

  2. I've never watched that show but.... she has been on with John Walsh a few times (America's Most Wanted) so I know who she is, kinda more in Real Life. She makes an OUTSTANDING fairy! And oh yes, Raven is most certainly her totem. The Element is right on too.

    Are you SURE you're not a witch?

    1. ahaha not a witch... but I know one and reading her blog helps steer me in the right direction. ;)