Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I was inVited

Major play on another V day -- better than the first!!!

Oh dear gods... My son invited me to see my G-Daughter play soccer. 

Long story, we've not been included in her life...but times they are a changing.

What's the most important rule?  the coach calls out.

"Don't touch the ball with your hands," a young padowan offers.
"Oh yeah, that's important too.  What's the second most important rule?"
Yes... HAVE FUN.

You can see mom, Papa and Tink in this picture.
This is the goal where we aim the ball... oh, wait, puppy dog.  ahahahaha That family might not want to acknowledge us... but, I'm sorry, she's got her grandma's blood if she's distracted by critters.

That's our girl.  #2... interested in cute kids and dogs.

I had so much fun.  I was glad to finally be included in her life.  Long story, but the divorce is almost final..If the gods are with us we'll be able to have a bit of time with her.  Keep 'em crossed for me.