Thursday, April 26, 2012


The Walriderske is a ghost or night demon that terrorizes people while they sleep by sitting on their chests and suffocating them.  The victim is paralyzed, unable to cry out, and aware of a frightening presence in the room.

I can see why another name for this creature is, wait for it..... Nightmare. ;)


  1. He's right ugly too. Is that his faithful steed off to the left there or is that just another interpretation of the night terror (night mare).

  2. You are spot on. The steed is a night mare.

  3. Why is that chick laying with her head off the table? Those pics always tickle me.
    Thanks for promoting chocolate bootcamp!

  4. I know -- and the dude is supposed to be sitting on her chest and not her belly.

    You're very welcome for the promotion. I am so very excited, this sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. There's something that happens in when you sleep, that keeps you from moving around too much--so you don't run around while dreaming, sleepwalk etc. If you wake up and that effect is still with you, it can be this scary feeling that something is holding you down. Happened to my stepmother once, freaked her out.

    Anyway, I've always wondered if that's where this dude comes from.